Apie mus

About us


We are Tom and Dovile family from Panevezys. We live in the countryside, raise three children, a dog, lots of vegetables, and enjoy being close to nature every day. We adore long walks in the woods, trips to the mountains or the sea and of course baking pies.
The tree in our family emerged quite unexpectedly and turned into a man’s main passion and hobby.
This is what he takes care of all wood products: cutting, turning, sanding, oiling, buying and transporting dried wood. And I love taking pictures, packing and interacting with clients.
Wood Stories was born when there was no room for cakes and bowls at home. And today we can no longer imagine our daily life without “wooden” affairs.
We love the simple shape, the smell of wood, its imperfections, its roughness and its traces of nature. As a result, all products are a little different and each one tells their story silently. Oh, we love stories!